KYOCERA Ceramics - Handling and Care - KYOCERA-ONLINESHOP -

Recommended handling for the Kyocera ceramic knives

Ceramic knives are easy to use and simple to clean. The products with ABS resin handle are fundamentally suitable for dischwashers, but care must be taken that the blade is protected from hard blows in order to avoid damage.  As with other high-quality knives, we recommend cleaning by hand. We also recommend the use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Kyocera ceramic is very sharp, that is why our ceramic blades are less flexible than metal blades.

In order to avoid the ceramic blade breaking out or off, please observe the following recommendations:

  • Do not allow the knife to fall on the floor, as otherwise the blade could break out or off.
  • Do not use the knife for levering open lids
  • Do not tilt and twist the knife during cutting !
  • Do not cut frozen food, hard things like pumpkin or parmesan cheese, or bones with the knife