KYOCERA-ONLINESHOP for Ceramic Knives and Ceramic Kitchen tools

General Customer information from

Hainlin & Co.
Owner Helmuth Seyboth
Endersbacher Str. 3
D-70374 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 (711) 291654
Fax: +49 (711) 2991943

1. Order
The chosen item will be put in "Your Cart". Under "Your Cart" we take you through the order process. You can amend and correct the inputs you do there. Before completion of the order we once again show you all collected details, especially "Your Cart", the prices and your personal Delivery and Invoice Address. All can be amended once again before you finally send the order.

2. Delivery
Timely and correct delivery can only take place when the good is in stock and we are not responsible for failure of delivery where the good is not in stock. This does not apply if the non-delivery is our fault. We will inform the buyer about the unavailability of the goods. Also we will return any consideration given to us.

3. Retention of title
   Unless fully paid the goods shall remain our property.

4. Prices and payment

Our prices conform with the listed prices in our Online-Shop at the time the order was made. Prices include VAT.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Credit Card or pre-payment to our account.

We charge the following delivery costs:

Deliveries within Germany 5 EURO

Deliveries within Europe 17,50 EURO

Deliveries to the rest of the world 25 EURO

You can find this information under Delivery and costs

5. Requirement due to defect items
In case there is a defect in the goods, the buyer has legal rights.

6. Returns and cancellation
The returns policy is only for consumers, not for entrepreneurs.

A consumer is a natural person, who makes this purchase for a purpose which does not relate to his / her commercial or entrepreneurial profession (§ 13 BGB); an entrepreneur is a natural person or a legal entity or a private company which is capable of holding rights who acts in his/her/its capacity as such when entering into a contract with us (§ 14 BGB).

6.1. Right for cancellation
If you did not like the product, you can cancel the order within 14 days after delivery.You can give the information via letter, e-mail, or fax. before resending the items.
After informing the Hainlin comany via letter, e-mail or fax, that the order should be cancelled and the items should be returned, the buyer can return the received goods within two weeks (without stating any reason) by sending them back provided that the goods are in their original condition. The two-week period starts upon receipt of the goods and the terms of this document. To comply with the two-week period, the sending of goods or letter is suf-ficient. In any case, the cost for sending the items back the buyer has to pay.

The return must be sent to:

Hainlin & Co.
Inh. Helmuth Seyboth
Endersbacher Str. 3
D-70374 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 (711) 291654
Fax: +49 (711) 2991943

6.2. Consequences of return
In the event of a valid return, both counterparties must return the goods or payment, as the case may be, back to their original holder. In case the goods are impaired or not in their original condition, we can ask for compensation. This does not apply if the impairment was due to the inspection of the goods which could have also taken place in a shop. The buyer can avoid the requirement for such compensation provided he does not use the goods or do anything which would reduce the value of the goods.

7. Storage of the wording of the contract
Your order data will be stored. You can print the data during the ordering process if you get the order confirmation.

8. Important notice for disposal of batteries and rechargeable batteries
The disposal of batteries and rechargeable batteries via domestic waste is not allowed. Under the battery regulation consumers have to give back used batteries. These can be given to the public collecting points of the council, our places of sale and also at other places where batteries and rechargeable batteries are sold. You also can send the batteries and rechargeable batteries back to us to the following address:

Hainlin & Co., Inhaber Helmuth Seyboth
Endersbacher Str. 3, D-70374 Stuttgart

Batteries / rechargeable batteries which contain toxic substances are marked with the following symbols to point out the prohibition of disposing these through domestic waste. Below the prohibition sign you can find the symbol for the heavy metal:

1 Cd = Battery contains Cadmium
2 Hg = Battery contains Quicksilver
3 Pb = Battery contains Lead

Our contract

The presentation of goods in our Online-Shop is not a legal binding offer. The person who makes an order is giving a legal binding offer to buy. We accept the offer to buy through (i) explicit confirmation via Email or (ii) through delivery of the goods. An Email which just states that we received the offer to buy is no legal binding acceptance of the offer to buy.
The confirmation of order consists of a summary of your order as well as an instruction relating to return of purchased goods.


Our accountability regarding slightly negligent breach of non constitutive contract duties is excluded. In the case of breach of slightly negligent contract duties - also through statutory agent and auxiliary person / vicarious agent - accountability is limited to the typical contractual predictable damage. We shall have unlimited liability for damage caused to the client?s life and limb and health which has been caused through us, our statutory agent and auxiliary person / vicarious agent. We also shall be liable for intent, gross negligence and absence of guaranteed properties.

Our accountability regarding the Product Liability Act shall not be touched.

Applicable Law, Data protection, Severability Clause

Applicable law is German law; the "UN-Kaufrecht" (CISG) is not applicable.

If the buyer has no domestic general jurisdiction or if he has moved his residence or his / her normal domicile after conclusion of the contract abroad or if at the time of starting the lawsuit no residence nor normal domicile is known, the jurisdiction of our domicile applies. We also can take legal action in the jurisdiction of the buyer.

The necessary details of the buyer, especially name and address, will be collected, worked with and used to fulfill the contractual relationship.

In case one or more of these terms are or should become invalid, the validity of the other terms shall remain.


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