Kizuna Kyocera Ceramic Knives - New Series

Kizuna Series - available from May 2016 on --  Ceramics in perfect shape

Kizuna is the Japanese word for bond. The unusual design and outstanding characteristics help to create an incomparable emotional bond between the owner and the Kizuna ceramic knives. The ceramic blades are manufactured using hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology and the material is then sintered at a temperature of 1,500°C and a pressure of up to 20,000 t/m2.

The blades are subsequently finished with the traditional sand garden wave structure. The stainless steel applications on the hand-made, riveted Pakkawood handle add the final touches to the aesthetic appearance. Only a knife series that represents pure perfection can carry the Kizuna name.

    Blade: black HIP zirconia ceramics with Japanese sand garden look, hand-cut
    Handle: pakka wood, riveted
    Made in Japan
    Packaging: premium gift box

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