KYOCERA Professional Ceramic Chef-Knife FK-200 WH-BK

KYOCERA Professional Ceramic Chef-Knife FK-200 WH-BK

KYOCERA Ceramic Chef Knife Professional, white ceramic blade, 20 cm
Item #: FK200WH-BK

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KYOCERA Professional Chef's Knife - Ceramic Chef Knife 200

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Ceramic Professional Chef's Knife, FK Series White - FK-200 WH-BK

  • Blade: white zirconia ceramic
  • Handle: synthetic black, ergonomic style
  • Ceramic blades do not rust and do not absorb either the taste or smell of the cut items.
  • Ceramic is the only material which stays permanently sharp

KYOCERA Ceramic kitchen knives are well known for unrelenting sharpness, ultra lightweight.
Smooth surface of the ceramic knife resists germs and is impervious for kitchen acids, oils and salts. Ceramic knives are easy to clean

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Sabine aus teststadt
Excellent, this new large chef ceramic knife. This I was missing in my kitchen. Now I have ordered it and its great. Thank you Hainlin-Shop for your fantastic service.