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Advantages of  KYOCERA ceramic products - ceramic knives and ceramic kitchen utensils



Ceramic blades of the Kyocera ceramic knives don't rust and never change from their natural purity. It usually doesn't alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. It can't transfer metal ions on food.


Even fluffy and soft food like toast, tomatoes and sandwiches can be cut smoothly. There are only few materials which are harder than ceramics. It is very close to diamonds. Therefore the blades of the ceramic knives stay sharp very long time.


A Kyocera ceramic knife is very light and well-balanced: Therefore it is surprisingly easy to handle.

Easy to clean:

The fact that Kyocera ceramic is a very pure material, makes cleaning very easy: Just a quick rinse with water and wipe with a kitchen towel.

Further information

You can order and buy all ceramic products in our KYOCERA-ONLINESHOP. Ceramic Kitchen Knives, Ceramic Folding Knives, Ceramic Kitchen Tools and Ceramic Ball Pens.